When Nicki Minaj first dropped “Super Bass,” she probably never thought it’d go on to be her biggest hit … and we’re willing to bet she definitely didn’t think it would become an anthem for Christian coupling.

And yet, it has. Thanks to some students at the University of Florida, Nicki’s ode to the boys with the booming systems has been re-imagined as “Super Grace,” a contemporary commentary “about the single Christian girl’s struggle to appreciate the wonderful Christian men in her life.”

Written by UF student Raychel Manko, and first performed during a homecoming “Skit Night” for the university’s Christian Greek organizations, “Grace” pays homage to “the boys with the true religion … in love with the Lord and done with sinning.’ ” It was apparently such a hit — it won first place at the competition — that Manko and her fellow Gators

were inspired to make an accompanying music video. And, oh, what a video it is.

In the clip, Manko dons a bright blue wig (a nod to Nicki’s eternally-evolving hairstyles), preaches from the pulpit, checks out some like-minded guys whilst praying, spits lines lik

e, “You know I really have a think for Christ-centered guys/ I mean, sigh, I’m gonna cry” (you can read the full lyrics over on her blog) and, of course, inspires some rather zesty choreographed dance routines.

The video was first uploaded on Christmas and has, to date, racked up just 1,100 views. But in recent days, it’s begun to make the rounds on sites like Buzzfeed, which sort of guarantees it’s well on its way to viral status. Manko, of course, remains nonplussed by it all. In fact, she seems more
concerned with meeting those Christian guys: as “Grace” ‘s YouTube page states, “Raychel does not have blue hair in real life, and she looks better without it.”

check out the lyrics to “Super Grace” Here!

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